Specialist Learning Areas

Languages other than English (LOTE)

Studies of a Language other than English help students to develop an understanding of another language and culture, and to appreciate diversity.

At Angaston Primary the students study German.  All classes have one lesson of German per week with Frau (Mrs.) Birgit Ferguson.

The Arts

Learning within the Arts plays an important role in helping children understand themselves & celebrate their sense of identity.  It incorporates visual art, drama, music, dance and media.

At Angaston Primary School all students have one lesson per week with a specialist Performing Arts teacher.

Health & Physical Education

Through Health & Physical Education students learn about people’s physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social characteristics.

At Angaston Primary all students have two lessons per week of Health and Physical Education taught by Mr. Matthew Bradley.

Library Studies

Library studies begins in Junior Primary with students learning to navigate the library. Literacy skills to promote reading are further developed in middle and upper primary through research and inquiry.

At Angaston Primary School all students have one lesson of Library Studies per week with Ms. Nicole Taylor.